Become a professional carpet cleaner and start a business with our carpet cleaning course

Dominate the market by completing an online carpet cleaning training by Fantastic Services, a leading property-maintenance company.

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Carpet and Upholstery cleaning from A to Z

Our online carpet cleaning classes combine all the knowledge you need to become a skilful carpet cleaner and run a successful business. Whether you want to learn different carpet cleaning techniques and procedures, or you just want to improve your skills and become a qualified and professionally approved technician, we have a course that is capable of making you the most wanted carpet cleaning professionals in your area. 

For the business owners and all of you who want to open a carpet cleaning company, we offer Carpet Cleaning Business courses, containing useful information about how to set up your carpet cleaning company, find customers, train employees, create and execute marketing plan and successfully grow your carpet cleaning business.

As a global cleaning company with over 50,000 customers per month, we’ve decided to gather all the knowledge we’ve gained for the last decade into our online carpet cleaning course and share it with you. The best part is that our Fantastic training is easy-to-navigate and it can be accessed from any device, at any time. Our carpet cleaning course includes comprehensively written and easy-to-understand information, organised in several different modules.


In this course you will learn:

  1. What are the basic steps of a professional carpet cleaning service
  2. What equipment and detergents are required
  3. How to provide the best customer service and improve your communication skills
  4. Professional practices for handling different types of fabrics
  5. Safe and efficient service tips
  6. How to avoid and deal with complaints
  7. How to earn more and retain your customers
  8. Damage prevention
  9. Health and Safety recommendations

The Carpet Cleaning Course is ideal for:

  • People who don’t have prior experience but wish to become part of the carpet cleaning industry
  • Carpet Cleaning practitioners who want to upgrade their skills and receive a certificate
  • Entrepreneurs who want to start a carpet business and need guidance from a market expert
  • Someone who already has an existing company and is looking for a carpet cleaning training for their employees

Choose The Package That Suits Your Needs And Goals

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  • Know-how to perform a professional Carpet Cleaning service
  • Step-by-step explanation process
  • Customer care guidance
  • Preventing and dealing with complaints
  • Adding value and selling more services
  • This package is for everyone who wants to reach high standards and provide excellent carpet cleaning services.
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  • All Carpet Cleaning modules plus:
  • First steps in starting a business
  • Setting up a company
  • Building connections with suppliers
  • Setting up a brand
  • Building and executing a marketing plan
  • Gaining loyal and increasing customers base
  • This package contains all the information for you to start a successful business in and rock in the carpet cleaning industry.
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Add a Professional Membership for $45 per year for extra benefits:

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