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Our online course offers the ultimate preparation for individuals and companies that are looking to improve their cleaning and managing skills. Whether you’re someone without any previous experience, or you just want to reach higher standards and grow your customer base, you’re on the right track.

By joining our training, you’ll get access to the Fantastic Academy which is our custom-built online platform. The cleaning course will give you all the necessary know-how to become a qualified domestic cleaner and deliver an outstanding cleaning service.

Apart from the detailed cleaning lessons and tips, we’ve gathered useful information about how to set up your cleaning company, find customers, build a marketing plan and successfully grow your cleaning business. In this course, we included all the expert knowledge we’ve got from building a global cleaning franchise company, operating on three continents and serving over 50,000 customers per month.


In this course you will learn:

  1. What are the basic steps of a professional cleaning service
  2. What detergents and equipment are required
  3. How to provide the best customer service and improve your communication skills
  4. Professional cleaning practices for each part of a domestic property
  5. How to organize your working day
  6. How to avoid and deal with complaints
  7. How to earn more and retain your customers
  8. Health and Safety recommendations

Fantastic Academy is a product of Fantastic Services a leading property-maintenance company accredited by: 

The Domestic Cleaning Courses are perfect for anyone who:

  • Wants to enter the cleaning industry but has no prior knowledge of cleaning
  • Is already a practising domestic cleaner but wants to expand their knowledge
  • Wants to start a domestic cleaning business
  • Wants to get more insights on how to run a successful cleaning business

Choose The Package That Suits Your Needs And Goals

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  • How to perform a professional Domestic Cleaning service
  • On-site customer care
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Preventing and dealing with customers' complaints
  • How to add value and sell more services
  • This package is for everyone who wants to reach high standards and provide excellent regular cleaning services.
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  • All Domestic Cleaning modules plus:
  • Starting your own business
  • Establishing your company
  • Organising supplies
  • Setting up a brand
  • Building and executing a marketing plan
  • Growing your customers base
  • This package contains all the information for you to start a successful business in the field of regular domestic cleaning.
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A step-by-step guide about how to provide professional domestic services. We have made sure to add plenty of video tutorials and short quizzes.
  • General information about the service
  • A checklist that will help you confirm your customer’s priorities
  • How to perform the main tasks
  • What equipment and detergents a domestic cleaner needs
  • Customer service on-site or how to set the right expectations and meet the customer’s needs
  • How to deal with complaints and difficult situations
  • Where the cleaning process starts from: how to clean the laundry, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, how to sort the waste
Apart from that, we have also included some guidance about how to win your customer’s trust. How to communicate effectively with your clients, how to manage their expectations - all this is covered in our courses. What’s more, in all our courses you can find some hints about how to find your customers, how to form the price of your service based on the job’s specifics.

This package contains all the information for you to start a successful business in the field of domestic services: from “how to incorporate a company, apply for a public liability insurance and arrange favourable terms and conditions with suppliers” to “how to market your business - offline and online.”

  • Professional accreditation
  • • Access to all silver package courses
  • Additional video tutorials about how to manage a budget, how to improve your customer service skills, how to generate more income, how to manage your supply chain and more
  • • Procurement advice and special partners’ discounts
  • • Free access to all our events and newsletters
  • • A two-hour monthly business consultation

You can check the FAQ page. In case you still cannot find the answer to your question, drop us an email at


Add a Professional Membership for £500 per year for extra benefits:

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