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Take the leap and learn the ins and outs of running a successful moving company by one of the UK’s biggest property-maintenance companies.

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Developed by Fantastic Services, the UK’s leading home-maintenance company,  our training is everything one needs to succeed in the competitive industry of moving and packing. For more than a decade, we’ve learnt all the dos and don’ts of running a thriving Removals business and we are more than ready to share them with you. 

We made sure to cover every topic, from becoming a professional mover to developing a profitable Removals company. So, whether you want to enter the industry as a mover or business-owner, we’ve got your back! 

Our comprehensive courses include different modules such as packing, vehicle loading, customer service, as well as starting, marketing and growing a business. What we did is organising all the necessary information in three different packages to suit everyone’s preferences and goals. 

As a multi-service company, operating on three continents and serving more than 50,000 customers per month, we’ve learnt our lessons the hard way. On our 11th anniversary, we decided to give you the chance to follow in our footsteps and discover the magic of running a moving business. So, if you want to dive into the Removals industry and stay up-to-speed with what really makes a successful business this course is just for you.


In this course you will learn:

  1. What are the basic steps of a professional removals service
  2. What equipment and materials are required
  3. How to provide the best customer service and improve your communication skills
  4. Professional practices for handling different types of items
  5. Safe and efficient packing tips
  6. Vehicle loading techniques
  7. How to avoid and deal with complaints
  8. How to earn more and retain your customers
  9. Inspection procedure and damage prevention
  10. Health and Safety recommendations


Fantastic Services

Fantastic Academy is a product of Fantastic Services a leading property-maintenance company accredited by: 

Our Removals Course is perfect for everyone who:

  • Has no experience but wants to enter the moving industry
  • Wants to reach higher standards and receive a certificate
  • Is motivated to start a removals business and seeks guidance from an expert
  • Has an existing company and is looking for sufficient training for their employees
Removals Professional

Choose The Package That Suits Your Needs And Goals

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  • Overview of the moving industry
  • A detailed explanation of the service
  • Customer care lessons
  • Preventing and dealing with complaints
  • Cross-selling and up-selling services
  • This package is for everyone who wants to reach high standards and provide excellent removals services.
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  • All Removals modules plus:
  • Early stages in starting a business
  • Setting up a company
  • Dealing with suppliers
  • Creating a brand
  • Creating and executing a marketing plan
  • Building a loyal customers base
  • This package will provide you with all the information needed to break the Removals industry by establishing a business leader in the field.
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A step-by-step guide about how to provide professional domestic services. 

We have made sure to add plenty of video tutorials and short quizzes

  • Damage preventionThe basic steps of the professional removals service
  • What equipment and materials are required
  • How to provide the best customer service and improve your communication skills
  • Professional practices for handling different types of items
  • Safe and efficient packing tips
  • Vehicle loading techniques
  • How to avoid and deal with complaints
  • How to earn more and retain your customers
  • Inspection procedure and damage prevention
  • Health and Safety recommendations

Apart from that, we have also included some guidance about how to win your customer’s trust. 

How to communicate effectively with your clients, how to manage their expectations - all this is covered in our courses. 

What’s more, in all our courses you can find some hints about how to find your customers, how to form the price of your service based on the job’s specifics. 

This package contains all the information for you to start a successful business in the field of domestic services: from “how to incorporate a company, apply for a public liability insurance and arrange favourable terms and conditions with suppliers” to “how to market your business - offline and online.”

  • Professional accreditation
  • 50% discount on the ServiceOS subscription
  • Additional video tutorials about how to manage a budget, how to improve your customer service skills, how to generate more income, how to manage your supply chain and more
  • Webinars about smart marketing tactics for start-up businesses, improving your professional skills, do’s and don’ts of starting a business in a turbulent economy, how to switch from “me” to “we” in business relationships and more
  • Newsletter with the latest industry updates
  • 30-min online consultation with a business consultant

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